Thursday, May 14, 2009

Featured {Shabby} Blogger

The cool thing about getting to choose who to feature here is that I get the opportunity to spotlight some people that most of you probably don't know. Don't get me wrong- blogs with 10,000 followers are great too. It's just that sometimes the coolest people are the ones who are out there, just quietly doing their thing, totally unaware of how remarkable they are. That said...

Meet Julie!
Blog: Mom. Wife. Camera.

Julie is awesome. I know I use that word a lot, but it's true. The girl is awesome. I didn't know her before she left a comment here, but I followed her back to her blog (yes- I do that!) and I am infinitely glad that I did. The second I saw her blog, I felt happy. Her music, her writing, her photography...oh, her photography! I could write a novel on how much I adore Julie's photos. She has got incredible talent, that girl! Her pictures have a sun-kissed quality that makes me want to sit on a big old porch and sip raspberry lemonade. They are dreamy like the most perfect days of childhood frozen blissfully in time. I actually found myself asking my husband how far it is to New York from where I live in North Carolina. If it wasn't so far, I'd be on her doorstep asking for a photo shoot and a lunch a totally non-creepy way, of course. :) Besides possessing mad photography skills, Julie is just the kind of person you want to know. As Anne of Green Gables would say, she is a kindred spirit. She loves and appreciates the simple things in life. She is an optimist. She has a kind and open heart. I am so glad I met her and so glad I have the opportunity to introduce you to her as well. You will love her!

Here is my interview with this week's Featured {Shabby} Blogger herself:

Me: When and why did you start blogging?
Julie: Every mom will tell you, life speeds up with kids and it's very true. My home is circus-like and very loud. We're always on the go. Writing and blogging helps me feel like I am documenting things otherwise I might forget. And, in knowing how fast these kids grow and that someday this house will be lonely of the pitter patters, I can go back and remember, relive, and give thanks once again through pictures and words! Blogging started about a year ago. Our third-born was growing so fast and I realized I was already regretting not writing things down more. Every once in a while I would write about something that made me laugh or if I was just overwhelmed with the mooshy love I feel from the gift of mamahood! I have a 4-year-old, 3-year-old, and 1-year-old and I can't tell you how many times I thought, "Oh, I have to write that down... I don't want to miss this!" But I didn't, mostly due to the busyness of our lives. I began writing in a journal before bed at night and throughout the day I jot down thoughts, quotes from the kids, and events on pieces of paper, and slip them up in my journal for when I have time to elaborate more. Blogging for me really started Winter 2005 after Aiva was born. I was writing novel-length emails to girlfriends who were in college. They loved hearing about my adventures and the amount of love I was being filled with. They were so good to humor me, but I think now they're grateful they can pop on my blog and get a "shorter version with pics!" (A big shout out to Erin currently in Texas & Charlotte, in Germany!) * Sometimes I fear that others might get the feeling that I am "bragging" about my life through blogging, but really I'm just sharing my heart, loves, and mishaps in motherhood, and my pursuit in photography.

Me: What is your favorite thing about your blog?
Julie: Of course, the shabby blog layout, silly! I love the colors, swirls, and playfulness of the layout. And just how easy it was to install! (For the record, I did not pay her to say that.) I am thinking since you wrote me this request, I have to start blogging more often. I never thought really anyone would appreciate the things that unfold in my life. I am very blessed in this time and I can't be any more grateful or appreciate more where I am and where our lives are going. If someone else hops on my blog and gets a laugh or inspiration or an "aww" moment, that is pretty darn spiffy. I'm glad I and my little lovies under this roof could provide someone with a drop of sunshine for the day.

Me: What 3 things most inspire you?
Julie: My children (Aiva, Aidan, and Maive), nature, and God. All these things fill me up daily. I feel closest to God while I'm holding and loving on my little ones and when outdoors lost in the woods or weaving my way through a meadow. These are the things I love and that keep me going and what I probably will " blog" about most. I am currently in the works at becoming a professional natural light photographer. This past year I've been photographing families for free, which is a blessing to me and to them. I've learned so much and am looking forward to pushing my passion to a business. Learning to be a mom, striving to do the best with the privilege and responsibility of Motherhood. I appreciate it so much because when I was a baby myself, I had to go through a lot of testing to figure out what was wrong with me at the time. Doctors told my parents that I would never bare any children as a result. Now, 25 years later, here I am in a little home in the country with three children, two of which I would daydream of and pray for. God blessed me with the desires of my heart. I never even dreamed of Maive... and I'm glad I didn't because what a surprise to have a nurse place a bundled up blanket in my arms with a teeny face peering out at me with bright blue eyes and a RED MOWHAWK on top! She is my cherry on top!

Me: Besides blogging, what interests/hobbies do you have?
Julie: Reading, writing, photography, hiking, and I'm currently learning fly fishing from the hubster.

Me: Do you have any advice or tips for new bloggers?
Julie: I really am not one to talk. One of the things I want to even figure out today is how to do the tag list thing, then go through and tag all the past blogs. Only tip I have... blog from your heart. We all read blogs and think, "Wow, that is what I was thinking!" or "She writes really well. I wish I had thought to write that." You are you. Let "you" shine. Your life has something to give to the world so when you have something to write, blog from your heart. Apparently, as I am finding out from Megan's request, others will read, connect and appreciate it!

Please click on over to Mom. Wife. Camera. and give Julie some shabby love!!!