Monday, August 31, 2009

Featured {Shabby} Blogger

It's been a little while since I featured one of you amaaaazing bloggers. That's because it is just so hard to limit myself to ONE! You are all so incredible and I have loved peeking in on your blogs and getting little glimpses of your lives. Most recently, I followed a comment back to a blog and instantly knew it was the one I wanted to feature. So...without further ado...

Meet Becky!
Blog: Farm Girl Paints

Becky is a total sweetheart. Though I've never met her in person, I would bet you money she's the kind of girl who would leave flowers on your front porch "just because" or rush over some chicken noodle soup if you weren't feeling well. She's someone oozing with talent, but most likely utterly unaware of how brilliant she is. Her home decorating and projects are totally inspiring. Her art is whimsical and happy...the kinds of things that make you smile each time you see them. I soooo hope she opens an Etsy shop so I can snag something like this or one of these. After reading Becky's blog, I feel convinced that she is someone I would totally want to be friends with. I bet you would too. :)Here is my interview with our Featured {Shabby} Blogger herself:

ME: When and why did you begin blogging?
BECKY: I started my blog in December of 2008. I struggle with depression in the winter and living in Minnesota it's really a challenge. I needed a distraction, a way of coping and blogging has more than provided that for me. I also wanted to eventually start an Etsy store and I thought blogging would be a natural progression into that.

ME: What is your favorite thing about your blog?
BECKY: My blog makes me happy. I finally have it figured out...sort of:) It's cute (thanks to you) and my font for my header and titles look the way I want. But more important than looks, it is a great representation of me, which is what your blog should be. It's my voice. My way of sharing my life, my loves, my faith! What a privilege to be able to share that and for people to want to read along. It's amazing.

ME: What 3 things most inspire you?
BECKY: Daily life inspires me. I can be giving my dog a bath and blog post will come to mind. I get a lot of ideas while I'm running on the treadmill. Other bloggers definitely inspire me. There are so many amazingly talented people out there. It really is fascinating to see what others have to contribute.

ME: Besides blogging, what interests/hobbies do you have?
BECKY: I love to beautify things. There is nothing like repainting a piece of furniture or even the walls of a room. That's fun. I love to read and watch movies. Antiquing with a friend or going to dinner with my family are high on my list. I love traveling...not the actual travel part, but being in a new place.

ME: Do you have any advice or tips for new bloggers?
BECKY: Be true to who you are. If you're not yourself you won't stick with it. It's a lot of work growing a blog and it has be something you're passionate about. Leave lots of comments and visit your "followers" often. I have developed such wonderful friendships though blogging, and really that's the goal. Oh and make your blog attractive. It's not hard. Pay attention to your favorite blogs and make a list of what you like. Ask them for advice if you need it. Get a great background and a pretty picture for a header. It doesn't have to be hard. It makes a huge difference. Lastly, be patient. I blogged for several months before I had even one comment. If you keep at it, they will find you and when they do... it is such a gift!!

See? Total sweetheart. Jump over to Farm Girl Paints and give Becky some shabby love! :)