Monday, August 3, 2009

Good news!

What a crazy busy summer this has been! It took me a while, but I am so excited to be releasing 23 brand new backgrounds for both standard and wide Blogger layouts. Many of you suggested I add some more "boyish" designs and I did my best. That sooo does not come naturally for me! :) I even created a few designs using my own photographs. Yep. I have been busy! I'm going to stay busy too- because coming up next is a new featured blogger along with a whole batch of new headers, buttons, blinkies, and tag sets. I'll also be working on our FAQ page for all of you poor souls who have emailed me with questions. I am so sorry I haven't been able to get to each of you! The amount of email I get every day is both sweet and alarming. :) Shabby bloggers are the best! Thank you so much for using my designs, posting about me on your blogs, telling your friends about me, and following me. I have truly been blown away by your support and kindness. Thank you and ENJOY the new goodies!