Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shabby Chalkboard Freebie

Okay, am I the only one or are there others out there totally addicted to chalkboard paint? I'd paint a square of it on my own forehead if it wasn't most likely toxic. I recently bought the most gaudy frame known to man at a thrift store and, with a can of pink spray paint and a brush loaded with chalkboard paint, turned it into a spiffy chalkboard for my daughter's room. (I know, right? Check me out!) Don't worry though. I didn't leave you out. I cooked up a little shabby chalkboard goody for YOU to use on your blog. It's sized for the average sidebar and ready to be customized any way you'd like. And, just because I love you thaaaat much, I made it in six different colors. :) Just a little thank-you for following my blog, leaving such super sweet comments, and just generally being the coolest people on earth. Enjoy!

Shabby Chalkboard Freebie:

*I'll be releasing new buttons and blinkies next week along with some fabulous fall designs. Looove this time of year! :)