Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Freebie & Sneak Peek

You know how I've been talking about revamping ShabbyBlogs.com and making it even more awesome? It's been a long time coming, but that's because we wanted it to be more than just awesome. We wanted it to be freakishly awesome! That's why we teamed up with some of the most talented and downright fabulous people on the planet... and now I get to tell you who they are! But first, a tiny sneak peek at the new SB- set to relaunch on December 9th:

I told you it was awesome! This is just a super small sampling because I don't want to spoil it, but mark your calendars for December 9th! It's going to be sweeeeeet!

Are you dying to know who I worked with on this marvelous make-over? I am dying to tell you! It's Moselle!!! Have you heard of them? If you haven't, you sure are going to! Not only are they some of the most talented creative minds on the planet, but they are also some of the absolute nicest people you'll ever meet. I love nice people, but I especially love nice, talented, generous people. If you do too, you're going to love Moselle! To give you a little taste of their niceness, talent, and generosity, they have offered a little freebie just for you! Check this out:

Give Thanks Bunting and Acorn Apparel from Moselle

Acorn Apparel: accessorize your home with these charming, whimsical, woodlandish, autumnal acorns! Make bunting, name cards, or hang tags!

Give Thanks Bunting: with this little lovely, Moselle shares some basic (but of course, gorgeous) elements and leaves you with plenty of wiggle room to create your definition of beauty.

Both downloads come with simple instructions and suggestions to make it your own! Happy creating...and happy Thanksgiving!

Get your freebie download here!

PS. Brand spankin' new winter backgrounds and goodies are coming soon!