Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shabby Collage Freebie & Launch News

Are you excited for Christmas? I'm soooo excited! Christmas is coming early for me this year. Having the new Shabby Blogs website up and running is my big fat enormous present! Did you catch that I said it would be launching last week, but it's still the same old Shabby Blogs? I was hoping nobody would notice. :) I've pushed it back to this Thursday. BUT, on the bright side, that gives me more time to dish out freebies! I'm going to be posting one a day until the launch of our new site. Wooohoooooo! Up first is this little photo collage I made using a few of my favorite vintage goodies. Don't you just love deer? (It is hunting season here in Michigan right now, so perhaps this is a bad time to ask.) I just think they are such lovely, cheerful animals. And the vintage elf is rather adorable too, is he not? So jolly! Anyway, just plop your own photo in and you'll be ready to dazzle the blogging community at large with your sheer awesomeness. :) Enjoy!

Shabby Christmas Collage:

PS. Don't forget to update the code for your background, buttons, and blinkies if you haven't already!