Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I never win a(nie)thing.

I really don't. But I'm okay with that because I am totally blessed in other ways. I always get good parking spaces, for example. You know who DOES win though? Amy Baldwin from Curly Q Mosaics, that's who! Congratulations Amy!!!!!

Just FYI, I did use an actual, official random number generator for this giveaway. My kids are sick with the flu and I didn't want to upset their world record for most episodes of "Scooby Doo" watched consecutively to make them choose a winner for me. I'm not going to lie to you. It didn't feel right. (The random number generator, not the Scooby...although, that didn't really feel right either.) So...

The only thing better than a chance to win the Nie Nie calendar is TWO chances to win the Nie Nie calendar, am I right? So this time I just sort of closed my eyes and pointed. Waaay more my style. And you know who I picked the second time? Sarah from Texas...who purchased the calendar for her friend, but not for herself. Now that is friendship! I love you already Sarah and I'm so excited to send you your very own Nie Nie calendar. :)

Amy and Sarah, please send me an email (through our website) and let me know your addresses! Congratulations ladies!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!

PS. I made that lovely "winner" image up there using Michelle Underwood's Vintage Colors Collection...which I looooooove!