Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swanky Spring Frame Freebie

I'll just put it right out there. Spring makes me crazy. Okay, actually, winter makes me crazy and spring makes me crazy happy. You know the beginning of "The Sound of Music" when Julie Andrews is all singing and twirling around on the mountaintops? Well that's me. I sing. I twirl. I full-on frolic. Mother Nature and I are on speaking terms again so my little girlies and I have been outside getting reacquainted with her. That's why I've been a little MIA case you were wondering. I've been here:

And, as long as I'm sharing, I've also been working on a huge project that has absolutely nothing to do with computers. That would be this:

Any guesses what it is? You know what? Never mind. I'm horrible at keeping things I'm excited about to myself. It's a playhouse!!!!! I ordered the Cozy Cottage from Sweet Retreat Kids who, by the way, are awesome! (No, they didn't pay me to say that- just so you know. They really have phenomenal prices on their playhouses and tons of other super cute stuff. So happy with them!) Our playhouse arrived in about a week so my sweet husband and I have been out in the still-colder-than-it-should-be weather working away on our girls' little abode. I'll post pictures of the finished "cottage" when we're done if anyone wants to see it. (I never know what you want to know, but you know...)

Aaaanyway. I'm filled with the promise of spring and wanted to check in to share the love. :) I created a new set of swanky spring blog frames in 7 juicy colors for you to add some kaPOW to your posts and sidebars. Yummmm. :) Happy SPRING!

Swanky Spring Frame Freebie: