Friday, May 27, 2011

Love makes you do crazy things. (a freebie & a plea)

You know how people always say that love makes you do crazy things?  It's true.  Totally.  For instance, I have this friend who I love so, so dearly.  I've watched her husband struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and I've seen the toll it has taken on him and on his beautiful family.  I love them more than words can express.  I've hated knowing they had to face this horrible thing and feeling like there was nothing in the world I could do to make it any better for them.  That changed yesterday.  I found a way to help.  Okay, it's not an instant cure or a magic bullet, but it's something and I will do anything.  Yesterday, I found out about Bike MS.  A few hours later, I was registered for a 30 mile event with my local chapter.  It wasn't until a few hours after that that I allowed myself to logically consider how woefully under-qualified I am for this event.  I've already said it, but let me say it again.  Love makes you do crazy things.  In a pathetic attempt to educate myself about what to expect during this experience, I spoke to several professional cyclists.  That was dumb.  Really dumb.  Do you know how professional professional cyclists are?  Like...really professional.  There were so many words said that I have never heard before in my life.  So many words.  I just stood there and nodded and tried to ignore the intense urge I felt to either change my name and move to Tahiti or vomit right then and there on the bike man's fancy bike man shoes.  Did you know there are bikes in this world that cost thousands of dollars?  Thousands.  Of dollars.  Did you know that bike shorts with big fat booty pads in them not only exist, but are worn proudly by just about anyone who is even remotely serious about riding a bike?  Did you know that clippy thing that goes on your bike to hold your water bottle isn't called a clippy thing at all?  It's called a cage.  A cage!  Guess what kind of bike I ride.  No, really.  Guess.  I ride this bike:
The only thing missing is the big basket on the front.  Oh no- I have the basket.  It's just missing from the picture.  Yeah.  And what will the "real" bike people look like?  This:

You know what though?  I am in this.  Pink pansy bike, clippy thing and all.  And I am doing this my way- the Shabby way.  It won't be perfect or first or without hyperventilation, but it will be done with all my love.  I'll almost definitely get my non-padded booty beaten like there's no tomorrow, but if that means we are even a spec closer to a tomorrow without MS, I'm in.  If you knew me well, you'd know this is one of the craziest things I've ever done... but it is going to be awesome!!!  Want in too?  Pleeease consider sponsoring Bike MS and my girly pink bike so we can say to this amazing family and to every person who suffers from MS that we've got their backs.  It would mean so much.  Even if it's just a dollar or two.  And, to add to the awesomeness, I will randomly select at least three Bike MS sponsors to receive free ad space on this blog for one full month.  I will also give whoever makes the largest donation free ad space on this blog and for two months.  My event is on June 11th, but I will run this very special giveaway through the end of June and announce random winners along the way as the mood strikes me.  (That's how I roll.)  And, just for good measure, here is a post pretty I created for you in honor of adventure, hope, and crazy love.  Enjoy it!!!
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