Monday, July 11, 2011

Photography with Jessica - Composition Part 3

Here are a couple more fun compositional elements to add to your bag of tricks!

It is our nature to photograph smiling faces, but sometimes it can be very powerful to capture other details that tell so much about a person or an event.

Out of Focus

This is a really beautiful, artistic way to capture an image, but it really must be used very sparingly. For this technique, you need to change the setting on your lens to MF (manual focus) and then twist the focusing ring on your lens until the image you see is just slightly out of focus. You want enough blur so that it's obviously intentional, but not so much that you lose all detail of your subject. And don't forget to switch your lens back to AF (auto focus) when you're done!

And for next time, one more post on composition and then we're off on another great topic!