Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jazz Hands

You know when some girls get really excited about something and they jump up and down and make stupid faces and flap their arms and talk really fast in a really high voice?  Yeah.  I just did that.  (My poor husband is such a good man.  We've been married for over 11 years so he actually even understands what I'm saying when I do that now.  Love him.)  So why the girly outburst?  Because I just got an email from Parents Magazine letting me know that the SB blog has been nominated to participate in the 2011 Best Blog Awards!  Eeeep!  We're under the Mom Tech Blog category and I swear to you it's all I can do to not bust out my jazz hands over it.  Isn't that exciting?  Thank you so much to whoever nominated us.  This just makes our day!  Will you vote for Shabby Blogs and help spread the word?

 Thank you!