Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Serious bang for a buck!

I'm not a money person.  I don't like to think about money, budget money, handle money, or even really make money as you can see by my lackluster approach to chasing down blog and website sponsors.  I do love a good deal though.  I like to see how far my pennies can stretch while finding things I love.  A vintage treasure here, a Target coupon there.  Nothing too fancy, but it's fun sometimes to see what a well-placed dollar can get you.  Having said that, I'm pretty sure I have come across the best deal of all time.  Seriously.  Have you ever heard of this?

I just recently discovered Give 1 Save 1 through my friend Alisa and it is AWESOME!  In a nutshell, you give one dollar to save one child.  ONE dollar.  I've bought several things throughout my life with a dollar.  A diet Coke at McDonald's, a carousel ride for my kids at the mall, a couple fake mustaches from those little machines that spit out the little plastic egg things.  None of that can even compare to helping a child in need of adoption unite with a family.  Maybe my little dollar or your little dollar alone can't do all that much, but together, we can do really great things.  What do you say?  Will ya give a buck?  Okay, actually, will you give two?  Because I really want you to do this right now so you can download Alisa's gorgeous printable art, but I also want you to give one a little later when Yours Truly will be posting over there.  :)

Please go here and be a little bit more awesome today.