Thursday, February 23, 2012

Facebook Timeline Header Freebies

Is anyone else dying for spring to come already?  Because I am seriously dying for spring to come already.  I go through this every February.  Here in Michigan, we have had some really awesome weather this winter, but I'm still feeling frantic for flowers.  What does this have to do with the freebie I made for you?  Absolutely nothing.  Just making conversation.

Okay, so I recently designed a few custom headers for my Facebook page and then it occurred to me that YOU may like to customize your page a bit too.  So I made you three different headers to be used on your Facebook timeline.  Sweet, right?  Bonus: They can also be used as blog headers!  I made these using goodies from the Madelyn Kit I designed and posted a link to on the Shabby Blogs FB page.  I hope you like them!

Um, so the third header is super sneaky because it is white.  Thus, you can't actually see it.  The top image in this post of my youngest daughter has a cool white inked border around it.  See that?  Whimsical, is it not?  Well, that's what the third header is...but without the watermark.  Nothing like an invisible freebie to add a little mystery to your day, right?  :)

*Click on the header images to save the full-sized PNG files to your computer.