Friday, April 6, 2012

Instagram Freebie

Has it been a century since I did a blog post or what?  Sheesh!  Instead of telling you what I've been up to, I can just show you though...thanks to instagram.  Look!

My youngest gets her sweet self instagrammed a lot since she is my little shadow while her older sisters are at school. We have absolutely no fun together.  Ha!  :)

Can I tell you a little secret?  I kinda love instagram.  I may or may not have switched to an iphone just so I could use it.  (But I totally did.)  Yes, I heard that it was going to be made available for use with other mobile phones, but who could wait that long?  I couldn't wait that long.  If YOU have been waiting that long, your wait is over.  This week it was finally made available to the non-apple world.  Do you have an account yet?  I'd love to do more with instagram and blogging in the future...including a photo-a-day challenge!  That would be so fun!  Anyway.  Yeah.  I {heart} instagram.

In case you do climb aboard the instagram train, you can use the above graphic on your blog to let people know where to find you.  You can find me under meghastings.  (Original, no?)

*Since it is Easter weekend, if you snap some holiday pics and would like to share them with your fellow Shabby Bloggers, please add the hash-tag #shabbyeaster to your instagram title so we can all see how you roll!  :)  Have fun!!!