Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every day is a good day for an adventure.

Sorry things have been a little quiet around here lately!  I'm always painfully behind on my emails, but I'm especially painfully behind on my emails right now.  Eek!  Oh, and I haven't designed new blog backgrounds or headers or buttons or anything in waaaaay too long.  It's shameful, really.  Not to mention the lack of tutorials and all of that.  BUT, the good news is that I have been having a blast enjoying spring in Michigan from my yellow farmhouse with my family of five.  Does that make you feel any better?  I hope it does.  Sometimes a girl just needs to stop and smell the wildflowers.  :)

Today, my husband and I are headed to Chicago where we will hop on a plane to Germany and then zip over to Rome.  From there we're boarding a ship and going to Gibraltar...then Spain...then France...then England and finally Netherlands.  Seeing it all spelled out like that makes me feel a little tired, but I know it's going to be so fun!  If you live in any of these places, try to ignore the following cheesy Americans:

I'll bring you back some lovely photos and, hopefully, a super-inspired Shabby Blogs girl who is bursting at the seams to churn out a million new lovely things just for you!  In the meantime, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and, frankly, for being SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!