Saturday, June 30, 2012

Megan Didn't Die Blog Frame Freebie

Did you think I died?  I didn't.  Promise.  Still kickin'  Frankly, I just decided to take a bit of time off.  Sorry if that has annoyed anyone, but you know what?  I've had so much fun just living life sans computer!  See for yourself:

Cool, right?  I visited several countries in Europe, biked over 300 miles, taught my girls how to kayak, started setting some of my favorite treasures aside for an Etsy shop, visited Mackinac Island, swam like a mermaid in Lake Michigan, and full-on frolicked...with reckless abandon, even.  Yeah.  I said it.  I frolicked.  I'm a frolicker.  But I realize that not everyone is able to just totally disconnect from the world for months at a time and that my absence may have been kinda weird to some of you.  That does make me feel really bad, but on the other is just too short to spend staring at a computer screen if you don't HAVE to, you know?  I love Shabby Blogs so much and all of you who are such amazingly awesome supporters of what we do here.  Thank you!!!  I also love my family and my thank you, also, for understanding that.  :)

I'm excited to announce that I have been working on some brand spankin' new designs to add to within the coming weeks.  We've got a whole big fat batch of never-seen-before backgrounds and matching headers fresh from the... files they were in.  If they could smell, I bet they'd smell like fudge...or gardenias...or your favorite quilt hanging on the line to dry.  Eeeep!  I'm so excited!!!

You know I can pretty much never blog without sharing a freebie sooooo here's a little something just for you!  I thought it would be sweet for those 4th of July photos my fellow Americans will have coming up here.  If you're not from the ol' U.S. of A., you can still use it though.  We won't tell.  :)

Customized Freebie Preview:

Freebie Download:
{click on image to save full-sized version}

Oh, what the heck!
Here's another freebie because I just like you so much!
It's a little post pretty...and also a little reminder.  :)

*The photos above were pulled from my instagram posts.  Please feel free to follow me...if you want to...because that would be fun!  Username: meghastings

*The above freebies were created using super rad digital kits from Digital Design Essentials.  If you aren't familiar with DDE, you are soooo missing out!