Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo Booth Blog Frame Collage Freebie

Well hello there, you!  Can you believe how fast this summer flew by and how fast fall is...falling?  My lawn is covered with yellow leaves from our walnut trees and when the wind blows, they flitter down in big bursts making me feel like something magical is on its way.  If this autumn is as lovely as this summer was, I'm going to be quite deliriously happy.  Just warning you.

I've had a whole big batch of new backgrounds to upload to, but have been stalling because I was hoping I'd be able to make some new headers to go with them.  Now that two of my three little ladies are back in school, I've actually had time to design again...and bathe...and THINK!!!  I'm suuuuper excited about the heaps of new stuff that will be coming to SB ASAP!!!

In other news...

I'm always looking for fun ways to share photos on my blog.  Pictures by themselves are lovely, but sometimes endless streams of photos get a little boring, ya know?  With that in mind, I made this fun little collage using the new Photo Booth kit from Digital Design Essentials.  SO cute, right?  Just add your own photos and caption for a super cute blog-worthy armful of awesome!  :)

Click image below to
download full-sized png file: