Thursday, October 18, 2012

Poppy Tree Frames Gift Certificate Giveaway

If you're a serious Shabby Blogs fan, you know how rarely we do giveaways.  Like...never.  However, I happened upon Poppy Tree Frames (through a Facebook ad, of all things) and fell instantly IN LOVE with their products.  I contacted them right away and asked if they would be willing to sponsor a giveaway for our Shabby Blogs visitors.  I literally squealed when they said yes...which would have scared my husband to death, but he's used to me.  Poppy Tree Frames is generously offering one lucky winner a $50 gift certificate to their shop.  All you have to do is give it a good browse-a-roo and then leave a comment here telling us which of their frames is your favorite.  Sounds easy peasy, but picking just one favorite is going to be harder than you think!  Just one entry per person por favor.  I don't believe in random number generators because I'm certain it is part of a 7-step process wherein robots take over the world.  Okay, not really, but they are so boring and anticlimactic, aren't they?  Instead, I'll be letting my 4-year-old sidekick pick the winner next Wednesday night.  I promise she is completely long as there are no unicorns or stickers involved...which there won't

Poppy Tree frames are awesome.  Seriously.  Here's the product that started my love affair:

Right???  I so want to hang this above my bed instead of a headboard!  It is too swoon-worthy for words!  And the frames come in all kinds of different shapes and colors and sizes.  I'm a little obsessed with frame collage walls right now (who isn't, I know) and their frames looks so cute in sets!

Ooh, and they even have frames with gorgeous prints on them!  PRINTS!  Full disclosure?  I may have drooled a little on my keyboard when I saw this:

Ugh.  Kills me!  I could marry that frame...or at least date it for a reaaaally long time.  And finally, you have to see their Christmas ornament frames.  FREAKING out over these:

Eeeeep!  Love.  Them.  Okay, I won't share any more so you have a chance to go find your own favorite, but do you see why I fell in love?  So, so, so cute!!!  Go check out Poppy Tree Frames and then come back and tell us what you are swooning over!  Again, we'll choose the lucky gift card winner on Wednesday night.  Good luck!!!