Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photography with Jessica - Halloween Photo Tips

Halloween is such a fun time to take pictures!  The weather is getting deliciously crisp, the leaves are falling and the kids all have a twinkle of excitement in their eyes at the thought of costumes and candy!  Here are some tips to get great pictures of children in their costumes.

1.  Plan ahead.  Decide whether you'll take the pictures on Halloween prior to trick-or-treating (which may be a good idea if any elaborate makeup or hairstyling is involved) or if you want to take them a day or two in advance, before the actual craziness of the holiday.  Just be sure to take your photos within an hour or so of the sunset to get that beautiful soft light!

2.  Decide on a location.  Sometimes (like this year) I like the ease and convenience of doing it in our yard or neighborhood, but if I'm feeling more ambitious I'll find a location that would look great with their costume.  For example, a fairy in the woods, a scarecrow in a corn field, a cowboy on the range, a ladybug in a garden... the possibilities are almost endless.  And a pumpkin patch or a big pile of fallen leaves can be a great seasonal setting for pretty much any kind of costume!

3.  Take pictures from many different perspectives and capture individual details.  Sometimes the cutest part of a costume isn't necessarily the front.  And be sure to get all those adorable little details which may include things like costume jewelry, face paint, an detailed hair style or cute shoes/socks, as well as details on the costume itself (a hand-stitched appliqué on a poodle skirt, a fancy tiara, glittery fairy wings, a cowboy bandana around the neck, etc.)
4.  Get action shots!  Some costumes naturally lend themselves to fun actions.  A super hero taking off in flight, a Jedi master brandishing a light saber, or a cowboy galloping on a hobby horse.

5.  It can be fun to add props!  This could be as simple as having the child hold a mini pumpkin, throw fall leaves into the air or pose next to their jack-o-lantern.  Or you could have some costume-appropriate props.  Little red riding hood could carry a basket of goodies, a pilot could fly a toy airplane, or a butterfly could hold a bouquet of flowers.

You and your children can have so much fun with your Halloween photos!  I loved doing ours this year!  And I adore this super hero costume by Shannon at HustleMama.  Check out her shop!  She has generously offered free shipping with the code DOWNEY