Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movember Mustache Freebie

When I first learned about Movember last year, I pledged to force my husband into it this year. Not only is it for a good cause, but I thought it would be hilarious to make my husband grow a mustache...and it has been. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I married a GOOD man.  So, in honor of Movember, today's freebie is all about the almighty stache.  But first, I love this video on how to grow a mustache with Nick Offerman and have share it with you...

Why is he so funny?  Oh my gosh!  I love him.  Okay, so on to the freebie!

I designed some very manly, slightly cheeky, little mustache sidebar tags for you to use on your own blog.  Just save the images below to your computer and away you go!  In the past, some of you have asked how to add sidebar titles to your Blogger blogs so here's what you'll do in case you've never done it before...or did it, but forgot...or just like to read directions for fun:

Go to the "Layout" page of your blog after logging into your account and select "Add a Gadget."  You will then get a pop-up box with all sorts of different gadget options to choose from, but you want to select "Picture."  Then, just select the image from wherever you saved it on your computer and that's that!  Awesome sauce!

Happy Movember!!!