Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Free Facebook Timeline Covers

Hello there, you!  Popping in lickety split to share with you these mucho fabulous Facebook timeline covers.  Why lickety split?  First, because I like the way it sounds.  Second, because I'm busy designing new backgrounds and headers and other shabby goodies for our main site.  Yaaaaay!  So excited to be adding new stuff this week!  Keep your eyes peeled, friends!  :)

Okay.  So I designed 4 different FB cover options that I think you're going to love!  I've personally been using one of these since last summer and I love it so much, I haven't had the heart to change it.  Wanna see?

So sweet, right?  (I love my little adventures with my little adventurers!)  I'm giving you 2 designs that you can add photos to and 2 that are mainly for text.  These would be gorgeous blog headers too!  Have fun with them!!!

As always, just click on the images you'd like to use and save the full-sized versions to your computer!  Not the one of my girls though.  That would be creepy.