Friday, April 17, 2009

Here! Have some tags.

I have tons of new goodies to add to the site, but heaven only knows when I'll get around to it. Not toooo long- I promise. :) In the meantime, here is an early peek at some new tags I made for you to use as sidebar titles. Aren't they cute?

I know that creating tags with white backgrounds seems kind of funny. In digital scrapbooking that would be just plain weird. But I do it for several reasons. 1.) The content area of my backgrounds are all white so it doesn't matter. 2.) Nope. I guess it's just the one reason. So why do all of my designs have white content (post) areas? Because then, no matter how funky the background, YOU are still the main focus. Your text and images are clean and clear for all the world to see. Also, with a pattern or color in the content section of your blog, it can be hard to view transparent images or images that are odd-shaped. They often display with white around them, which looks pretty icky on a colored background. But you won't ever have to worry about that. I'm looking out for you. Aaand, by giving you a white content area, I am also giving you the gift of super easily getting rid of those lines that are around everything in Blogger. I'm referring to the borders... borders everywhere! Just go to your "Fonts and Colors" page under "Layout" and change the border color to white. See? Looking out for you. ;)

On a totally unrelated note... I'm going to start featuring bloggers next week. Anyone who uses one of my backgrounds and leaves a comment on this here blog is in the running. So many of you are truly talented and deserving of a shout-out. I'm really excited to share your brilliance with our fellow shabby bloggers! :)

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