Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Featured {Shabby} Blogger

Oh, I loooove this blogger! Though she is relatively new to the blogging world, she is already one of my favorites. Heaven only knows where this girl's blogging journey will lead her, but the sky is the limit for a triple threat who is hilarious, sweet, and inspiring. She's also a Crafty McCrafterson with some truly fabulous ideas. Because we are both adoptive mothers and share a love for a good hot dog octopus, I just know we would be instant friends if we ever met in real life. This girl totally makes me LOL. I know you will just adore her!

Meet Jessica!
Blog: Two Shades of Pink

Here is my interview with our latest Featured {Shabby} Blogger herself:

Me: When and why did you start blogging?
Jess: I started blogging in July 2009. Technically it was July 2008 after my youngest daughter was born and I had started a family web site so family and friends could check out up to date photos. But I found myself "journaling" a lot more than posting pictures. After Ella was born I struggled with post partum depression (not realizing it at the time) but my journaling still revealed the real me, the one who deals with life with humor and needs to laugh to get through the stuff that is not so funny in the moment. I realized I needed an outlet. It was a leap of faith to start a blog that is "out there" in the webby world. I did it to kind of vent out my life while incorporating dashes of other aspects of who I am. Like my incredible and miraculous story of becoming a mom that took 8 posts! My crafty side that is residing at amateur status but I love it. Or like today when I was brushing my hair and trying to be stealth like so as to not wake my girls from their nap and end my 90 minutes of tranquility. As I was putting my hair into a pony tail, the brush falls right into the toilet. You know. The one I had not flushed since flushing a toilet seems to wake the dead in my house. I just looked down at the thing sticking straight up with toilet paper in it's bristles, walked out of the room to retrieve my camera and snapped a picture with the thought, "This is so blog worthy."

Me: What is your favorite thing about your blog?

Jess: Hard to pick just one because my blog represents so much of who I am. So I will cheat and say more than one. The fact that I write the way I talk. I also give you a glimpse of an inner monologue of what I am thinking. A lot of it comes out humorous although the circumstances or situations I write about are not always funny at the time. My SHABULOUS background and header!! Shameless plug for Meg here, but um, helloooo? She is amazing and what a platform to say it HERE! Love how often I can change it. It is like getting a new outfit. Love, it, love it, love it. I also love that as I write about the girls I am leaving a heritage of their childhood to them. Thoughts, emotions, and experiences caught in time that would otherwise be forgotten and fade into the past. They will read this one day and learn about their lives, and perhaps know their mom a little bit more than they already do.

Me: What 3 things most inspire you?

Jess: 1. Jesus. My faith
is so much of who I am and I consistently strive to do 2 things. One is to dispel the notion that Christians are dull and out of touch and showcase that it actually is hip to be square. The second is to be transparent. I think it is so important to be honest about imperfections, mistakes, and even failures. Because they all help us grow. For so long I tried to act like I had it together putting on a daily show of a complete fa├žade. My blog is a place to say I really don't have it together and I am going to be candid about it.

2. Oh, definitely my funny, sweet, mischievous, and sometimes naughty girls.

3. Stressful and trying moments that turn into stories of hilarity when told. I honestly think that I daily find things funny. Maybe I am a little crazy but there are those moments I want to capture but life just keeps us chugging along. Like when my 3 year old told me with all sincerity, "Mommy! I looove your outfit! It is soooooo adorable!" I was wearing my pajamas with strawberry stains down the front. This was also moments after I walked in her room to see her pushing her crying little sister into a closet with her feet.

Me: Besides your blog, what interests/hobbies do you have?

Jess: I love being crafty. But there is no specific way to describe what I do. Maybe an Eclectic Crafter? I love fabric, felt, distressing furniture, sometimes I paint, whatever. I am an average sewer and kind of wing it and I love sharing my creations on my blog. I love to bake. I go running when the jeans get tight. Which is often. Because I bake. What else? Eating. What a favorite past time that is. Why, oh why is food so good? But already you see the vicious cycle, right? Bake, eat, run, repeat.

Me: Do you have any advice or tips for new bloggers?
Jess: Being the veteran I am of 4 months my first response would be...I have no clue. But as I sit here I think a few things have worked for me but it is an ongoing pep talk to maintain this mentality.

I s
hould literally have a bumper sticker that reads "Don't Blog For Comments." Then I could hold myself accountable to this very advice I can't seem to follow. But what I have realized is if I do it for readers, I am losing sight of my purpose. I want others to be encouraged, to relate, to laugh, to cry, to rejoice, to know me. But there are days I feel like I need to be on stage and that is when I can become discouraged due to my perspective getting a little off. I love to write and I need to do it as if no one is reading. So my advice is to do just that because you will be more authentic regardless of your blogs's focus or purpose.

2. Don't be afraid to go outside the parameters of your blog theme or focus. I guess you can technically call me a Mommy Blogger but I am not always blogging about the mommy thing. I knew this would happen so in my very first post and in my header I kind of give a synopsis of what to expect. One day I had a serious post about my journey with infertility. A few days later I post a pic of chicken nuggets with toothpick arms/legs with grapes for hands/feet. It is fun to get other glimpses of a blogger.

3. Visit other blogs and leave comments. I know, I know. This negates number one but I think it is so important to encourage other bloggers. Plus, your blog might get some hits. But here is my personal spin...I don't do it just to get readers. I visit and read blogs with a sense of integrity. I leave comments when I am truly affected whether it is laughter, creative inspiration, being moved, or being challenged in my faith. Be genuine in both your writing and your following/comments. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and letting them know how fabulous they are is all part of this fun, bloggy world.

Admit it. You totally love her, don't you? I know, right?!! Now, be a dear and jump over to Two Shades of Pink so you can give this girl some shabby love! :)