Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change is good.

Listen. Do you hear that? I'm pretty sure you can actually hear crickets on my blog right now. Doh! In case you were wondering, the answer is no. I was not abducted by aliens. I was, however, abducted by my kids...and maybe just summer a little. What? People blame seasons for allergies so why not blame them for absences? Although I've been totally and completely MIA to you, I have been right there for my husband and three little girlies- who won't stay little for long. So, while I know I should feel horribly guilty (and sometimes I do) I am not going to say I'm sorry. Sorry. I just won't do it. Oops. Okay, but seriously...look at this face:

"Sorry, my love, but mommy can't make you a leaf crown because she has to fix the coding for Blogger's new template designer feature and answer about a thousand emails."

Wrong answer.

See what I mean? You say no to that face! :) In all seriousness though, I have had the most magical time with my family this summer and thank you with all of my heart for your patience. Man, I LOVE my Shabby Bloggers! Love love love!!!
Okay. Now that you know I haven't been abducted by aliens and that I make a killer leaf crown, let's get on to the juicy BLOG stuff. Have you tried out Blogger's new template designer?

I am so excited that bloggers will finally have an easy way to adjust some of the aspects of their blog that previously meant going code-diving. (Yes, I invented that term, but you know what I mean.) So awesome, right? If you've played around with this feature, you may have noticed that adjusting the width of your blog a lot and/or picking one of the more funky templates may make your Shabby Blogs background equally funky. Here at SB, we are all about funky...just not that kind of funky. The biggest problem is that the Shabby Blogs logo/link may get thrown to a weird spot on your blog. Not cool, Blogger. Not cool. Soooo, the question is:

Can you take advantage of Blogger's new features while still keeping your totally awesome Shabby Blogs background?


The first thing you need to know is that Blogger's "Picture Window" template works best with custom backgrounds. So, if you are using Blogger's template designer, you'll want to select that template. (If you're still a "Minima" template user, rock on. You don't have to do a thing.) The second thing you need to know is that adjusting the width of your blog may mean tucking away your standard-sized background and grabbing a wide (or 3 column) design instead. Just keep that in mind. And thirdly, we've been working on a ridiculously awesome code just for the new Blogger templates. It'll mean no funky logos or general icky-ness. We don't like icky-ness on our blogs and I'm guessing you don't either. I'll be spending the whole day tomorrow updating the code for all of my backgrounds. If you are happy with the way your blog looks now or if you haven't had any problems, just keep on keepin' on. But, if you want to switch your code to something that gets along a bit better with Blogger's changes, head over sometime in the next little while and snag the new code.

I know this is the longest post I have ever posted in my life, but hang in there because I have one more change to address. (My kids are asleep so thankfully it's not a diaper!) Many of you may have heard the buzzzz about PhotoBucket also making changes lately. While their changes may not affect you, they are affecting Shabby Blogs- and most free blog design sites. Simply put, since I host my images on PhotoBucket, each time someone views one of those images (your blog) it takes bandwidth from PhotoBucket. On the bright side, there are a wicked lot of people out there using Shabby Blogs goodies. I can't even begin to tell you how rad that is! On the downside, Photobucket is getting seriously weighed down having to pay for this massive bandwidth. So, they want Shabby Blogs to pay for it. I won't tell you what it costs, but I will say that I could easily lease a BMW for that amount. Gulp. While this has been a little tricky, there is no way Shabby Blogs is going anywhere. Wait a second. That doesn't sound right. We ARE going somewhere, just not nowhere. Huh? Whatever. You know what I mean. In fact, we've taken this challenge as the perfect opportunity to revamp SB and make it even more insanely awesome than ever before. We've teamed up with the absolute MOST OUTSTANDING team of creative geniuses ever assembled to launch a brand new and even more rad Shabby Blogs in the next month or two. We're like blogging ninjas. (Do ninjas wear pink?) I am so excited about this that I will dedicate my next post to announcing more of the details, but trust me. Shabby Blogs is going to seriously rock your world...and we are here to stay.