Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free pretty things for you!

I am so incredibly excited to introduce you to another new member of the Shabby Blogs team! This girl is so crazy-talented and we are beyond lucky to have her! If you're a follower of Free Pretty Things For You, you're already familiar with Keren Dukes. She is just as sweet as her darling creations. It is such an honor to welcome her to the Shabby Blogs family! Take it away, Keren:
HELLO Fabulous Shabby Blog Readers!!!! My name is Keren Dukes from Free Pretty Things For You and saying I'm freaking out with excitement to be here with you is a TOTAL understatement!! Words truly cant begin to express how truly blessed I am and feel!! Thank you again Megan!! This is a total dream come true! :) So, with that said my lovelies, here are a few facts about your new Shabby Blogs Digital Diva (lol Megan comes up with cutest names, huh!) :

*I create delicious vintage freebies and share them on my blog for all to enjoy.
*I am a new mommy to a beautiful persnickety princess named Ariel.
*I met my wonderful soul-mate of a husband on MySpace-- yes you read right! ;)
*I started blogging and using photoshop in January 2010 not knowing a thing about either subject! (Google and Youtube became my BFFs)
*I use A LOT of exclamation points and happy faces! :)
*My dream pets to have one day would be a white teacup Yorkie and a white miniature pony. *My Favorite colors are.. you guessed it white, aqua and pink.
*I get SUPER DUPER inspired when readers ask me to create something specific for them, so please, feel free to drop me a note with suggestions!
*I hate pickles, relish and I CAN'T parallel park to save my life!

I think that's enough randomness about myself for now. :) I'll leave you with a lovely new shabbylicious freebie. Help yourself to these blog business cards that you can customize and print out...or just use them on your actual blog! Enjoy these vintage pretties!

Blog Business Cards Freebie:

P.S. We'll be uploading brand new backgrounds and goodies to the site tonight and throughout the week!
It's like Christmas!