Sunday, August 14, 2011

Featured {Shabby} Blogger

It has been ages since I featured one of our outstanding Shabby Bloggers and to say that this is overdue is just plain silly.  It's shameful, that's what.  Sigh.  But the particular blogger I'm featuring is definitely worth the wait!

Meet Michelle!

The first time I happened upon Michelle's blog {A Pinch of Prim} I think I GOL'd.  That's like LOL, but with a gasp instead of a laugh.  Her talent was literally startling to me.  Talk about mad skills and swoon-worthy goodness!  She makes these gorgeous paperclay pieces that are just the most darling and whimsical things you've ever seen.  Eeeeep!  Don't believe me?  Check these out:

I told you, right?  Craaaaazy!  Can you imagine being able to just...make things like that...with your own hands...and your own brain...and your own paperclay???  I've got to be honest.  I don't even know what the heck paperclay is exactly, but if you can make things like this with it, you better believe I'm going to find out!

"Hello local college!
Classes on making lovely things with paperclay?
Why, yes!
I'll even wear something besides pajama pants!"

Just so inspired over here.  I love a blog that inspires, don't you?  Such a delightful thing to stumble upon.  And, to add awesomeness to awesomeness, it turns out that the person behind it all, Miss Michelle, is as sweet as her creations.  I know because I had the privilege of getting to know her a little through the process of ordering my own little pinch of prim.  Did you see that "Ally-Gator" up there?  Well it was like Christmas over here the day she arrived in the mail.  My little 3-year-old Ally was more reverent when we opened that box than I have ever seen her behave in church.  It was priceless!  These special pieces of artwork, this lovely blog, and the wonderful woman behind them are all such sweet treasures.  Please hop over and get to know Michelle from A Pinch of Prim!

Side Note: Seriously, someone needs to purchase her latest daaaaarling piece because it is absolutely going to belong to me if you don't.  Two words:  Pink.  Hair.  Two more words:  Pink.  Bird.  KILLING me!

Other Side Note: Miss Keren Dukes is the smarty pants behind Michelle's header made to match one of our SB backgrounds.  Love that!