Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten on Tuesday {link party}

For years now, everyone and their pet iguana has been throwing blog link/linky parties.  Let's face it.  They are fun to throw and fun to enter.  We did give them a try a few times, but ours got rather abused and didn't work out very well.  Having said that, I'd really like to give it a try again.

Each Tuesday, we will be giving you a new topic for a top ten list.  We will give you the subject prompt and then hand it over to you to write your own top ten list based on the topic we give you.  Not only will this give us an opportunity to get to know you better, but it will also give you a great chance to get more visitors to your own blog so that you can meet new people too!  We hope our weekly top tens will not only be really fun to write, but also keep the blogger's block at bay.

Here is our long list of super important rules:

1. Keep it family-friendly y'all.
2. Please only link to your blog if you are actually posting about the top ten list topic we are giving you. We are sure your dog is adorable and your homemade curtains turned out awesome, but this link party is for those participating in our top ten list challenges only.
3. If you join our link party, please include the image below in your post.

(Okay, I lied.  There are only 3 rules.)

Everybody cool?  We good?  Okay then!  Here is this week's Top Ten List prompt!

Don't be nervous!  I'll play too!  Ready?  Here we go.  Ten random things about Megan:

1. I would rather eat a grilled cheese sandwich than anything else in the culinary world.
2. I can roll my tongue and spit things through it alarmingly far.
3. I'm deathly afraid of mice.
4. I'm 100% "girly girl" but was a total tomboy until I had my second daughter.
5. I love cycling and bike every chance I get.
6. Being a mom is my favorite thing about myself.
7. I'm kind of addicted to popcorn from Target...and also their chicken marinara flatbread sandwiches...and also Target in general.
8. Though public speaking is one of my favorite things, I am actually an introvert.
9. I love traveling and exploring the world, but I am a country girl at heart.
10. I hate horror movies, but love anything funny or anything old and set in England.

There you go.  We are best friends now.  I can feel it.  Now go write your own Top Ten Random Things About YOU so we can get to know you better too!