Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keep it up.

A personal note from Meg:

Those of you who are long-time Shabby Blogs fans know that I am a mom and wife first and a blogger and designer second.  I made the mistake of looking up Shabby Blogs on a search engine last night and I cried when I read some of the results.  People expect a lot from Shabby Blogs and I appreciate that.  My own high standards are what make SB what it is.  But the truth is, I can't answer every email.  I can't respond to every comment.  I can't be every single person in the whole wide world's personal tech support.  I can't give any more than I am giving and still be the kind of mom and wife and human being that I can live with.  And so, like everyone else, I do my best.

Thank you with all of my heart to those of you who are kind to me- and also to Keren whose contribution to Shabby Blogs I am infinitely grateful for.  Thank you for becoming sponsors of this blog and our website.  Thank you for visiting our sponsors.  Thank you for saying thank you.  Thank you for being patient.  Thank you for taking the time to leave sweet and supportive comments, not only here, but all over the internet. Thank you for understanding that behind this wonderful place is a person...with real feelings and real challenges and a real family and also a real desire to help you and offer you beautiful things that don't cost you a penny.  I am so truly grateful for those of you who show us these kindnesses because they are what inspire me to push myself further and give of myself more.  Please keep it up and I will too!