Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make Your Own Free Printable

Here's what's awesome about fall.  Everything!  I love it!  ALL of it!  Not so much a fan of the blizzard that follows, but autumn itself is a treasure from heaven.  No joke.  LOVE it!  My little family has hit the pumpkin patch three times now and it just never gets old.  Hot cocoa, bonfires, family visiting from out of town, blustery visits to Lake Michigan, dancing in the painted leaves with no jackets on, dancing in the painted leaves with several jackets on, snuggling, enjoying, just being.  Heaven on earth, I tell you.  I love my little family and I love this time of year.  So much so that I wanted to frame a little quote about it...which is why I designed this free printable for you!  (Did you see how I shifted right into that?  Smooth, right?)

This design was created as an 8.5 x 11 paper, but it can be cropped to 8 x 10 if you'd like.  The cool thing about this pretty little printable is that you can totally customize it to say whatever you want!  Choose your favorite quote, your monogram, your secret hopes and dreams, whatever floats your boat!  (I only ask that you utilize this for your personal use only and don't redistribute it por favor.)

Click on the preview image below to download the file.  Enjoy!!!