Thursday, December 12, 2013

Free Antique Winter Blog Frame

Hi there.  If you noticed I'm a smidge behind on my blog, you should check out Real Life Megan.  She's a cold mess!  This holiday season completely crept up on me this year.  I've hardly decorated our snow-covered yellow farmhouse and haven't baked a single cookie.  Not one.  While my waistline is appreciative, my kids aren't quite as grateful.  And as long as I'm confessing things, I might as well just throw it out there that I may or may not have possibly led my children to believe that their Elf on the Shelf got injured while they were playing with him- which is why he is slow to move around or do fancy Pinterest-worthy stunts.  It's just that kind of year.  I've accepted it.  Actually, I take that back.  I have full-on embraced it.  Because, you know what?  Sometimes we just need to let go of those high expectations, hold onto our dear ones, eat store-bought cookies, and just feel grateful for the things we have done right and the magic that is already around us.

In case you get ambitious though, here's a lovely little blog frame for you to customize and post.  (That sweet little wreath bit I used to decorate this antique frame was drawn by Laura of My Sweet Rose.)  Enjoy this little freebie, but most of all, enjoy this holiday season!

X's & O's-