Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ahoy There {Nautical Banner Freebie}

Maybe it's because this is Michigan's worst winter since 1978 or because this little family o' mine is jammin' out of here to the Caribbean the first chance we get, but my brain is all sorts of nautical right now.  I'm part mermaid anyway, but lately all I can think about is the sun on my face and the sound of waves high-fiving some glorious beach.  So, it's no surprise that my latest blog goodie for you is something along those lines...

Feel free to use the completed post pretty I created above and/or you can snag the customizable one below to use on your blog!


Speaking of nautical...and radical, have you guys seen the shirts Christine from Ahoy Tees makes?  Must.  Have.  As of this minute, she's got 14 hours to go on her kickstarter page.  You can get a super suh-weet t-shirt for your little one or one for your little self starting at $25.  Ooh, and an AHOY tattoo!  (I want an ahoy tattoo, guys.)  Besides helping to kickstart a seriously cool new company, you'd also be helping a seriously cool person.  Christine is our newest sponsor and I'm not kidding when I say that I totally adore her...because I do.  I totally adore her.  Trying to talk her into posting here because she is THAT cool.  Anyway, yes!  Snatch up a shirt like the one below while the clock is still ticking!  You will absolutely not regret it.