Saturday, May 31, 2014

Make Your Own Free Printable (+ more)

Hello friends!  Life has been ca-ca-ca-craaaaazy around here lately, but really, that's not anything new for the Hastings family.  I will be so happy when my little ones are finally done with school and we can freely frolic the way the sunshine wants us to.  Summer in Michigan.  Nothing better in the world, I tell you!

I recently read a lovely quote and thought to myself, "THAT is something I want to very much remember!"  Of course, then I promptly forgot it until I remembered I forgot it and found it again.  Just so that doesn't happen repeatedly, I decided to make my little quote into a printable, pretty enough to be hung on my wall.  (That's where today's delicious freebie came from.)  I hope you'll add a favorite quote of your own or perhaps a pretty monogram or something equally clever and enjoy it hanging around as much as I have! 

Along with the high res 8x8 downloads, I will also post web versions for you to use online and even on instagram.  (I'm friendly that way.)  The two that are white in the middle are .png files and may be used as frames.  Have fun with them!

Download Natural Floral Printable HERE.

Download Striped Floral Printable HERE.

Web Use Versions:

Giant X's & O's-