Friday, January 29, 2010

A Few Faves

Well, I'm back from Salt Lake and the Altitude Design Summit. It was such a blast! I met some blogging celebs and some new friends that I can't wait to team up with in the future. I even scored some awesome goodies to give away. As if that wasn't enough, I got to spend a little time with my brother and his amazing wife and kids. He and I are currently working on a site redesign that is going to be pretty sweet. You may have noticed, but there are quite a few things at that are currently a little... shall we say goofy? (Like the mile-long list of backgrounds that will take you 47 years to scroll to the bottom of, for instance!) Don't worry. We're on it. :) While we work on that, I thought I would catch up with something else that I have been a bit behind on. Our Featured {Shabby} Bloggers! The thing that has been sooooo hard about that is SO many of you are SO stinkin' rad! Seriously. I have loved reading your blogs. What an astoundingly talented bunch you are! So, this time, instead of featuring just one blogger, I am going to name a few of my favorite shabby blogs. Please hop over and visit these awesome individuals so you can see how adorable/sweet/funny/crafty/talented/fabulous they are and give them a little shabby lovin! Now...without further ado...

{In no particular order}

Kari & Nathan- This girl ALWAYS makes me smile...and laugh...and think, "Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter!?!"

Tatertots & Jello- Um. Yeah. I don't know how she does it, but Jen makes tatertots look good. Reeeeeally good. The woman is insane. Well, she's not insane, but her talent is. Good heck! If you are looking for a little inspiration, look no further! One peek and you will be scrambling to find the "follow" button. :)

Happy Chickadee- These two moms have fabulous taste! From the practical to the posh, I love the delightful things featured on their blog. Stop by and check them out!

Free People- You will with Jill. You won't be able to help yourself. Reading her blog is like getting a digital bouquet of flowers. It is lovely and fresh and beautiful, but also funny and light-hearted and quirky. Her outstanding photos are not only eye candy, but food for the soul. Trust me. You will love this girl.

Angels & Sparrows- Though you will most likely need to use the translation tool at the the top of the sidebar to read Stephanie's blog, it's worth it. Actually, I like that. Her writing seems like poetry that way. :) Her pictures and children's clothing are equally delightful. So glad she commented here so I could check out her blog and get to know her a bit.

Go check out these awesome bloggers and give them some encouragement!