Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twitter Background Freebie

First of all- I'm sorry. I've been meaning to get some St. Patrick's Day goodies uploaded to ShabbyBlogs.com for weeks, but something always seems to come up. Mainly, I blame the sun. Remember the sun? That blessed, beautiful, luminous thing that made my children's eyes sparkle and the whole world all green and lovely? Yeah. That sun. Well, he has decided to show up here in Michigan and you can bet your muddy boots I have been outside to greet him! My girlies and I have been jumping in puddles and smashing our snowmen to bits. Tonight, I even talked my hubby into putting up our big trampoline...which is a sure sign that another blizzard is on it's way. :) Until then, we are soaking up every single sign of SPRING. We're even learning how to make maple syrup! Seriously, how awesome is that? Our yellow farmhouse is completely surrounded by bucket-laden trees just drip-drip-dripping away. The old man who farms the land around us gets together with all of his friends and they laugh and tease and work until the sun sets. When I first introduced myself to them, the operation seemed to consist of three elderly gentlemen. I went to the "sugar shack" behind our house this afternoon to say hello and they had multiplied! There were nine of them out there in that tiny little shed, just chatting away and having a good old time. See? How can I sit in front of my computer with a party like that going on just steps away from my back door? :)

I hope you understand! I promise to get back to work full-force soon. Still working on the site re-design and lots of new things I know you're going to loooooove! Want proof? Check out this Twitter background I made just for you! It's sort of St. Patricky, but not so much that you can't use it all the time. (Did that make sense?) You can see a full-sized preview on my Twitter page. I hope you have fun with this...but don't spend too much time on it because Mr. Sun is the jealous type. :)

Shabby Twitter Background: