Monday, April 19, 2010

More Spring Bling

I finally had a spare moment to add a few new headers and some wicked cool buttons to Go grab them! A little freshening up will be good for your blog's self-esteem.Next up? Some awesome freebies just for SBB readers and a new featured Shabby Blogger! I'm going to be hopping all over the blogosphere, re-reading your comments and visiting as many of you as I can to find the best of the best. I may have to choose more than one blogger each time because seriously, it is almost impossible to limit myself to one of you. I swear Shabby Bloggers are the most creative, fun, hilarious, and kind group of people on the planet.

*Some of you may already know, but Blogger in Draft is working on some really great new features. In the future, it will be much easier to customize your blog. I'm working on new ways to integrate our shabulous designs so you can rock the web with your sheer shabby awesomeness. Woot woooooo! :)