Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Update & A Freebie

Remember me? I've been kinda quiet lately, huh? That's because Mr. H. and I have been busy doing this:
I've been busy as a bee. But, in my free time, I have been picking some bloggers to feature, getting ready to release some smashing summer blog awesomeness, working on our site re-design, creating a new post pretty for you, and solving world hunger. And you thought I was just lounging on our front porch while my kids hand me dandelions. Shame on you! (Okay, I have totally been doing that too, but shhhh!) I think I have finally narrowed down the Shabby Bloggers I want to feature to 3 and I will be introducing you to them in the next few days. But first, I just had to give you something. 6,000 followers? That is insane! You guys are amaaaazing! THANK YOU!

You may have noticed, but I kind of have a thing for frames. :) I just think they are so lovely and add the perfect punch to your photos and goodies. Shabby Bloggers are way too stylish for boring pictures, am I right? Make mine pretty please! Did you like the frame collage I used above? Would you like to use it for your photos? Done and done. Aaaaand, along with the gold frames, I have also included these:


Shabby Blogs Post Frames:


*Not sure how to use these? Check out the video tutorial here!