Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer backgrounds are here!

There is no way it is June. I refuse to believe it. My pixie will be finishing the first grade and my princess will be going to kindergarten next year. Kindergarten! At least I will still have my pumpkin home with me. Yep. I'm one of those moms. :) You better believe we are going to take FULL advantage of our summer together though. Mr. H. promised me we could buy a vintage camper that I can fix up all "Megany" if I promise to put a donation button on my blog. I already have a few ads on my site, but I must admit that I haven't tried very hard to really make money from Shabby Blogs. Is that weird? You probably won't believe me (especially since I am notoriously bad at replying to emails) but I really do just like to help people make their blogs something they are proud to call their own. Blogging may be a small thing, but it matters. It matters to a lot of people- a lot of women. It matters to me. Having said that, money is tight these days and I would really love to make some fun memories with my girlies before they are off to school again. If you like Shabby Blogs and want to donate, that would be rad and my little family would seriously appreciate it. If not, I totally understand. Please don't feel like you have to contribute. We are very proud to offer our goodies for FREE and will keep it that way. :)

Over at Shabby Blogs, we have just released a whopping thirty five brand new summer designs and they are calling your name! Happy {almost} summer and happy blogging!!!