Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Featured {Shabby} Bloggers

It's been waaay too long since I have featured some of your outstanding blogs. I can never narrow it down, so this time I am featuring two. Yep. I decided I can do that. Heck, next time I may do three or four. :) Without further ado...

Daisy Pink Cupcake
I stumbled upon this blog ages ago when I was searching for a bit of decorating inspiration...and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. Seeing that Daisy is a SB fan was just icing on the cupcake. :) When you visit, be sure to keep a tissue handy because you are going to be doing a lot of drooling...and sighing. Sighing and drooling. To visit her blog is to be inspired. When I am short on time, but want a quick dose of loveliness, Daisy Pink Cupcake never disappoints. Go see for yourself! You will become an instant fan.

Family of Four
I was so excited to meet Jenni over at Family of Four. She is such a sweetheart! Not only is she ridiculously gorgeous, but she knows exactly how to make each post pop. Her blog is the perfect example of how a little extra goes a long way. She makes everything she does look good. Please go visit Jenni and get to know her better. She is one cool mom!

Awesome, right? Get over there and give them some Shabby lovin' then!

Next up? New headers. Let me know which background you would like a header for on the Shabby Blogs Facebook page!