Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Forrest Friend Freebie #2

Hello, friends!

Did you vote today?

If you didn't read the post before this one, scroll down and check it out! We've only got 10 days left to get Forrest and the Liberty Swing in the top 10! This is such a wonderful cause! I know we can work together to help this really amazing young man install a swing for the disabled at our local park. Pretty please continue to spread the word and VOTE VOTE VOTE! :) Remember that you can vote once a day and also text your vote every day as well! (Pepsi#: 73774 Vote#: 102161)

Thank you SO much to everyone who has already helped bump Forrest up in the polls. Just to show our gratitude, here is a Shabby Blogs Post Pretty just for you! Click on the image to see the enlarged version and then just right-click on it to save this little fella to your computer. You can add text to create your own button or add a little fun to your next blog post. (What is it about gnomes that makes them so endearing? Love those kitschy cuties!) Just one more Forrest friend popping in to encourage you to keep SWINGING the vote. Keep it up, you guys! We {heart} you for it!!!