Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extra Credit Blog Collage Freebie

I'm pretty sure I went through all of the stages of grieving this past week.  (Is eating chocolate cake one of the stages?  Because it totally should be if it isn't.)  Summer is over and my two oldest girls are back in school.  Little by little, I am doing my best to accept that.  One thing that will be so great for me is getting back into designing again.  I've loved this time with my children more than words can say, but I really have missed designing lovely new things for you in mass quantities.  :)  So much to do and it is back to it for me!

For those of you who haven't blogged those back-to-school photos yet, here's a little goody to help you do it with flare.  (Of course, you can use this for other things too!)  I did a fun little shoot with my girls inspired by the previous post by Jessica.  Even though I had my camera settings all wrong and didn't realize it until way too late to do anything about it, I'm still pretty pleased with the shots I did get...while trespassing in the neighbor's apple orchard.  Rebel.

This photo collage was created using a super cute kit called "Extra Credit" from one of my all-time favorite digital shops, Digital Design Essentials.  Just click the image below for the full-sized .png file and then save that little sweetie to your computer!  Happy shabby blogging!

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