Friday, September 2, 2011

Photography with Jessica - Back to School

I recently visited my elementary school in California... well, at least the outside of it.  I loved elementary school!  I have dim but happy memories of the people and things that occupied so much of my life at that time.  I wish I had pictures to help me always remember my classrooms, wonderful teachers, the beloved library, and friends who I haven't seen in decades.
Even though it was 113 degrees here in Arizona today, and even though school started weeks ago for us, September always gets me in a nostalgic, back-to-school kind of mood.  Ahhh, the crisp autumn air, the new shoes, the smell of library books and crayons.
Don't forget to take some back-to-school pictures of your kids.  And don't stress out about doing on the actual first day of school (which is stressful enough already)!  Here are some photo ideas to help you capture some memories about this year in their life:
·         have them write their name and grade on a slate or ruled paper and hold it
·         clothes laid out the night before (be sure to get details)
·         new backpack
·         new shoes
·         kids packing lunches
·         this year's text books
·         details of school supplies
·         child in front of the house with complete outfit and backpack
·         getting on the bus
·         with their best friends in front of the school
·         shot of the school sign
·         child with new teacher
·         sitting at new desk
(click on photos to enlarge)
Remember, these photos can be as artsy or as practical as you want!  The whole point is to be able to remember all the fun little details that make up "school life" for your children!