Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free As A Bird Banner

Before I share this cute little bird banner with you, I have to show you a photo of my three little girls excitedly holding their happy mail for Brielle.  (You can read all about that darling girl in our previous post.)  They were so proud to send this package of completely random goodies.  It was not easy talking them out of sending some really strange treasures though!  My 4-year-old could not, for the life of her, understand why I objected to mailing her favorite (used) sparkly chapstick or a single striped princess sock.  Goodness, kids are awesome, aren't they?  I love it!

I hope lots of you have sent or are sending Brielle a little note or something special, but either way, please consider purchasing one of these really cool prints which will also benefit this darling girl.  Nope, I didn't design any of them, but I am totally buying the "love is spoken here" one!  Super cute!

Okay, so sometimes when you're blogging, you have a title or a sentence or phrase that you just want to really accentuate, you know?  You want it to stand out.  This freebie is perfect for that!  It adds some flare to your posts and a whole lot of cuteness too!  Yep, you could even use it in your sidebar.  Enjoy!  :)