Thursday, April 4, 2013

P.S. I adore you.

My 4-year-old has a cold again.  It breaks my heart.  She has had colds one after another for months now.  I listened to her sniffle and speak in that sad, raspy little girl voice all day today.  Then I saw this in my Instagram feed:

Help us brighten Brielle's day by sending her mail! Draw her a picture, send a funny note, or an uplifting message. She also has 3 sisters: Breanna, Brooklee, and Braylee! Let's share this all over and load up their mailbox with love! emoji To read her amazing story go to: #briellelove

Instantly, I stopped what I was doing and said a silent prayer, thanking God for my small daughter's small sickness.  After reading about Brielle, I cried unabashedly like a complete and total idiot.  Yes, I'll admit it.  This darling little girl who is just a little older than one of my own little girls has had to fight cancer two times already in her young life and it is back again, not to be beaten.  There is so much more to this story and I genuinely can't do it justice.  Please read it.  This family, and especially this brave and beautiful little girl, deserves all the love we can send their way.

As I was writing this, two of my daughters came over to see what I was doing and I told them about Brielle.  Both of them said, "I want to send her something!" and ran off to their bedrooms.  They aren't done yet, but just in the last few minutes they have amassed quite a collection of some of their favorite treasures.  Let's all be more like these sweet children of ours!  This blog has nearly 19,000 followers.  Can you even imagine the happiness we could give this incredible family if each of us sent Brielle and the Beus even just a sweet little note?  Oh, please do!!!

Brielle Beus
4928 W. 5300 S.
Hooper, UT 84315

Please pass this on so we can make this darling girl smile and show her and her family all of the love and support we can!  Thank you so much in advance for your support and kindness!

*P.S. I Adore You is an incredible site with an incredible goal.  In that one spot you can do two of my absolute favorite things in the entire world: shop and help people.  They give money from the sales of their really cute daily deals to children fighting cancer.  Get to know them if you haven't already and get to do some good!  :)