Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Ten on Tuesday {link party}

I am a thrift store/flea market/estate sale-lovin' girl.  For real.  I get both super excited and totally depressed when I come across toys I used to play with as a kid.  The worst is finding them in antique shops.  GASP!  Yeah, I'm pretty much ancient, apparently.  I recently found a bag full of Strawberry Shortcake figurines at an estate sale and it brought back so many memories!  So I thought that would be a really fun top ten list for us to blog about for our link party this week.

1. Ooooh, I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll sooooo badly.  My much older cousin got one for Christmas during the peak of the craze and I was so sad.  But my parents came through for me on my birthday and this little beauty was all mine.  (Now I see them in stores and think, "Man, those are ugly."  Ha!)

2. Care Bears.  Loved 'em.  My favorite was Funshine Bear because that was the yellow one and yellow was my favorite color when I was a kid.  Care Bear STARE!!!!!

3. Popples.  Mine was the purple one.  I loved that little animal/ball thing.  I don't really have any explanation as to why.  Just did.

4. Fluppy Dog.  I got the pink Fluppy the same Christmas I got this next favorite.  It was like winning the lottery.  Well played, Santa.

5. A Hugga Bunch named Impkins.  Loved the heck out of the this weird purple-haired doll and her random little bonus baby.

6. Part toy and part jewelry, I loooooved my charm necklace.  I had a matching shirt with record charms on it too- that's how cool I was.


7.This was one of my first toy loves.  I had this little Stawberry Shortcake doll with green and white
striped tights and a floppy pink hat.  My favorite thing about her though?  She smelled like strawberries.  To this day, that smell takes me right back!

8. I had 4 brothers.  Sometimes, late at night, I still hear the music in my head...

9. She-Ra!  Princess of Power!!!!!  Really, I think my mom bought me this action figure because the few Barbies I ever got ended up undergoing amputation surgeries and being thrown on our roof to "recuperate."  My mom thought He-Man's sister may have stood a better chance against my brothers...and she was right.

10. Two words:  Girl.  Talk.  This game was a favorite when I got a little bit older.  Man, did my bestie and I play the heck out of this game!  I think we usually fit it in sometime between the MASH game (mansion, apartment, shack, house) and watching "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Man, I was a serious 80's child, but holy smokes, did I have a fun childhood!  What about you?  What were YOUR childhood favorites?  You've got one week to let us know and hop in on the fun!  :)