Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Ten on Tuesday {link party}

Ain't no party like a Shabby party 'cause a Shabby party don't stop!  ...Even when their linky tool site isn't working properly.  Doh!  I paaaaid, but it thinks I didn't.  Until we get to the bottom of this, just keep right on partying with us and listing your blog post address in the comments.  We'll all hop around and find each other until our link site is all sorted out, right?  We are flexible.  We are easy like Sunday morning.  We are link party animals, yo! (Sorry.  It has been a long week.)

I love to travel.  The hubster and I both love to have adventures- and our traveling is always an adventure!  Because we aren't planners or preparers.  We are fly-by-the-seats-of-our-pants anywhere-the-wind-blows-us travelers.  In other words, we are the people who were three feet away from one of the seven wonders of the world, but missed it because we were distracted by a cool new candy at a European gas station.  But it works for us and we have so much fun!  We have been to the UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Gibraltar, France, Netherlands, and Germany.  I've also been to Alaska- which was rad.  There are so many more places I want to see before I die!  Places I already went to, but want to see more of and places I have only dreamed about.  So, with that on my mind, this week's link party is all about travel!

Top 10 Places You Want to See Before You Die

1. Greece
2. Australia
3. New Zealand
4. Ireland
5. Scotland
6. Switzerland
7. Austria
8. China
9. Turkey
10. Tahiti

Okay, I know that wasn't overly specific, but like I said...not a planner.  Just drop me off with my phone and granny shoes and I'll happily make my own adventure.  If you are curious about more specific places and daydreams, you can check out my board "Wanderlust" on Pinterest.  :)

What about you?  Where are you headed?