Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cupcake Wrapper Freebie

Happy Easter!!!
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In our little family, we celebrate a holiday I made up called "Preaster." We do all of our "commercial" stuff the Saturday before Easter and save Sunday for what matters most to us. I buy a puzzle I think my girlies will love and place the puzzle pieces in plastic eggs for their Easter egg hunt. I looooove hunting for eggs, but hate arming my kids with MORE candy...or discovering rotten eggs in my yard months later. Gaaaack! They love this idea and then we get to spend our time together working on the puzzle. :) I so love this time of year!

Right. So I made you another freebie. I couldn't help it. I like you! I whipped up some lovely cupcake wrappers for you to use in your Easter baking/crafting. It seems like I always end up making a gazillion cupcakes for my kids to take to school and I looooove dressing them up a bit with cupcake covers. You just print them, cut them out, add bit of glue and you are good to go! You can also use these as candy cups or put a little fake grass in there and plop a Peep in them as a fun little treat. Maybe I should have called them Peep Ploppers. Isn't that fun to say? Well, whatever you call them and however you choose to use them, have a blast!!!

Cupcake Wrapper Freebie: